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The Great Lakes Teaching and Learning Resource

This resource, created by the Toronto Zoo’s Great Lakes Program, is the second in a two-part resource package providing Ontario educators with classroom materials directly applicable to Ontario Curriculum objectives, using the North American Great Lakes as the context for teaching and learning. Both resources apply an Inquiry Based Learning (IBL) approach to acquaint students with the North American Great Lakes and to foster a better understanding of their own role as stewards for its preservation.

As an entirely online/digital exercise, this resource (Part 2) provides students and teachers with opportunities to tailor the teaching and learning experience to suit individual needs and interests.

Why Toronto Zoo?

The Toronto Zoo is committed to the conservation of wildlife through the exhibition of animals, plants and ecological habitats and through conservation, preservation, research and educational programs. The Zoo also has a strong mandate to improve public awareness with the goal of species and habitat conservation, which involves the local delivery of curriculum-based education programs. Located adjacent to the largest freshwater source on the planet, it seemed only natural for the Zoo to help foster an appreciation of the North American Great Lakes. This interest and passion led to the creation of the Zoo’s highly successful, bilingual Great Lakes Program. Core to this conservation program is classroom outreach, which combines lessons about water as well as the species and processes associated with this amazing ecosystem.

Visit the Conservation section of the Toronto Zoo website for more informationabout the Zoo’s Great Lakes Program including:

FREE outreach opportunities

Lesson plans