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For teachers and students who are comfortable with inquiry-based learning in their classrooms, this resource provides a unique opportunity for students to learn about real-world issues that are currently affecting the North American Great Lakes.

In an entirely on-line, digital format students will explore topics such as:

  •  Declining water levels in parts of the Great Lakes Basin
  •  The impact of nutrient loading and algal blooms
  •  The significance and importance of watersheds

Using the FERA Learning Cycle, students can take on the role of a Great Lakes Steward to investigate these topics and the different perspectives held by these roles, as they relate to current water issues. By selecting from activity options and through open-ended questioning, students will also have the opportunity to take their learning in new directions as they work through this resource.

Throughout the learning journey, students will:

  •  Conduct investigations using primary and secondary data
  •  Come up with a hypothesis and experiment
  •  Maintain an up-to-date glossary of scientific terminology related to their issue
  •  Brainstorm and contribute ideas (e.g. think, pair, share)
  •  Create and present the final solution using multimedia and social media tool

Visit the Curriculum Connections page to see specifically how this resource links to the Ontario Curriculum and for ways to incorporate this resource into your teaching plan.