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Teachers may wish to utilize Case Study #2 in one or more of the following manners to satisfy the curriculum expectations:

1. Centres: Self-directed learning of the Water Systems unit using “centres” (e.g. one case scenario per centre with students rotating over the course of several days ).

2. Summative Assessment: If teachers have already taught the Water Systems unit via other means, students can choose a case scenario to complete as a summative assignment.

3. Digital Resource: A digital resource that can be used to connect students with local water issues. For example, it can be used as a springboard for a “Current Events” activity.


The curriculum connections listed in the following two documents reflect the direct links between the resource content as is appears on this website, and The Ontario Curriculum documents for Grades 1-8 in both Science and Technology as well as Language. Teachers are encouraged to extend the resource material to meet other curriculum expectations they see fit.

Science and Technology – Water Systems



*Because the activities outlined in this resource are largely student-directed, student work may reflect additional specific expectations not listed here.