Here are some tools to help you develop your ideas and solutions. All are free, and some require you to sign up/get an account to use them (also free).

If you have other templates or resources you prefer, you are welcome use them!

Brainstorming and Mindmapping

  • Bubbl – No account required to use this program, but must have an account to save a mind map.
  • Coggle – Google/Gmail account required; multiple users can access and edit a mind map.
  • Mind42 – Account required, multiple users can access and edit a mind map. Users can add images and links.
  • Popplet  – No account required to use, but must have an account to share map with others for editing/collaboration. Users can add images and links. Free version allows saving up to 5 Popplets.


  • – No account required to use – works best with Firefox internet browser for saving.
  • Gliffy – Account required to save diagrams (save up to 5 diagrams with free version). Better for creating flow charts.
  • Creately – No account required to use. Sign up for free account to collaborate on diagrams with others. Diagrams are publicly visible. Save up to 5 diagrams.

Notes and Glossary

  • Evernote – Account required to create notes. Allows the user to write and save notes. Notes can be organized into ‘Notebooks’. Notebooks can be shared with others. Other account holders can edit Notebooks, non-account holders can view shared notes and Notebooks.
  • KWL Chart Creator – No account required to use. Chart can be saved for editing later. Final chart can be saved as a .pdf file.
  • TitanPad – No account required to use, therefore pads are publicly viewable. Share the link  (URL) to the pad with others so they can edit the pad. Different authors are identified by different colour text in the pad.
  • WordSmyth – Glossary builder. No account required to create and print a glossary. Register for a free account to enable saving. Enter words and the program will return definitions. Select the proper definition(s) to create a complete glossary.

Presentation Tools

  • Google Map Creator – Google acount required. User can create, share and invite others to collaborate on maps.
  • Prezi – Account required. Users can create and collaborate on presentations. Presentations created with the free version are publicly visible.

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