Imagine for a second, that you can’t use the water that comes out of the tap – any tap, any fountain. Go ahead… I’ll wait.

What was the first thought that came to your mind? How would your daily life change if you couldn’t use tap water?
Before moving on, start here with Step 1.
The Green Machine – Step 1

Not being able to use water may seem like an unlikely event, but it was a very real scenario this summer for residents of Toledo, Ohio. Read over the articles below:

CBC – Toledo tap water drinking ban lifted after toxin scare
The Star – State of emergency declare after toxin found in Toledo water
The Wall Street Journal – Toledo Water Clears, but Outlook Is Cloudy

Once you have read the news articles, move on to the remaining steps!
The Green Machine – Step 2
The Green Machine – Step 3
The Green Machine – Step 4